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Jeffrey "LONER" Gray

AT Class of 2012

Only vaguely aware long distance hiking trails crisscrossed the country, a chance meeting led to Jeff's discovery of the Appalachian Trail. Who could have ever guessed that during his journey, “Loner,” as he’s become known in hiker circles, would be bitten by a dog (and a lobster), happen upon a plane crash, chat with a wanted fugitive, come face-to-face with a black bear, see a ghost, be in a car accident, run completely out of money (twice), spend the night under a jail, lose 80 pounds, and find the girl of his dreams? And all to have the time of his life, feel the kindness of others and ultimately learn, he’s not a loner after all.

Documenting, for friends and family, his trip on YouTube, thousands more also followed along, vicariously. This story captures the excitement, fun, sadness and danger of a thru-hike with many added details, photos, funny characters and dozens of incidents never before revealed.

More than just a memoir, Hiker Tips will inspire future hikers to begin their own ultralight backpacking adventure! (Loner’s total pack weight was only 13 pounds.) Also, Fun Facts will help readers gain rare insight into a subculture with its own ethics, trail names, history, hostel system, language and folklore.

Happy hiking!


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    Jeffrey “Loner” Gray, although born in Lowell, Massachusetts, has made South Carolina his home for many years. Working as a flea market nomad most of his adult life has afforded him time to pursue other interests: Racing cars, kayaking, studying Native American artifacts, and producing hundreds of YouTube videos about diverse subjects.

     Skateboarding competitively since ten years old, he later formed his own skateboard company (Snake Session Skates), sponsoring team riders from the US and around the world.

     But hiking the Appalachian Trail has been his biggest accomplishment and Painted Blazes, about his trail experiences, is his first book. After his mother passed away, he is continuing her independent publishing house, Shadow Archer Press, and hopes her name will live on by publishing books from a variety of authors.

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