Shadow Archer Press seeks a place in the small press world where both beginning and established writers can see their work published in a venue that strives for excellence without compromising individuality. Our books don’t fit specific literary niches – instead they carve their own. Currently, Shadow Archer Press publishes nonfiction, cutting edge fiction, poetry, and SCA/DIY books. These collections may cross genre boundaries but include goth, dark fantasy, psychological thrillers, experimental works, and anything - and everything - in between.


Founded by Gail Gray in 1993, Shadow Archer Press first published the underground goth literary/arts magazine, The Howling. The Howling was in production for 7 years with 15 issues distributed through Barnes and Noble, Books-A Million and other locations. Release date events were held for each issue at local bookstores, coffee bistros, restaurants, and festivals incorporating live bands, art shows, poetry readings, comic conventions, tattoo and piercing vendors.

Starting in 2001, Shadow Archer Press began a line of non-fiction how-to books related to the Society for Creative Anachronism, (The SCA an international medieval re-enactment organization) which remains one of our most popular lines. This also spawned a short-lived magazine, The Duct Tape Diaries. These books were sold at SCA events from Washington, DC to Mississippi and throughout the world over the internet. Some books have become the standard in their field.

In 2002, Shadow Archer Press began its publication of short story and poetry collections which it continues to this day. Many of our books include original artwork inside as well as on the cover.

2007-2010. 7 issues of the goth/steampunk magazine, Fissure, were produced by an eclectic collection of authors and artists.

In 2017, Shadow Archer Press published the first book by Gail’s son, Jeffrey. Painted Blazes is about his adventures while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, from Georgie to Maine.


Looking toward the future, with Gail’s passing, her son Jeffrey continues Shadow Archer Press with her consent, and plans to release his mother’s unfinished works and rerelease the library of books that are out of print, while updating them to eBook. We also hope to publish more diverse books from a variety of authors.


Gail Gray, Greenville, SC, is the steampunk and horror/paranormal author of the novel, Shaman Circus and two collections of shorts stories, Dark Voices and Memories and Monsters.

Her short stories have been published in numerous national and international magazines and anthologies and she was the founder of Shadow Archer Press and editor of Fissure magazine.

Sadly, Gail passed away on St. Patrick's Day, 2016.  She is very missed.


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Memories & Thoughts
The Disconnection
Flea Markets and Family
Hat for the Current Middle Ages
Lessons from a Luna Moth

Original logo for Shadow Archer Press, Circa 1993.  Designed by Gail Gray.

Painted Blazes
Chopper and the Great Cubmobile Derby