Kendall wrote The Disconnection when she was 14 years old and a Freshman at J.L. Mann High School. She caught the writing bug from her mother and grandmother, both talented writers themselves.

    When not using her imagination writing stories, Kendall enjoys listening to music, watching anime, playing the SIMS video game series, displaying her impressive collection of Monster High Dolls and playing with her little sister, Deven.

    Kendall has lived in South Carolina all her life and is now a student at Lander University.

The Disconnection

Description: Samuel is in a dark place, part human/part robotic prototype of a new race of people. Once the Renewal was complete, he and his kind were meant to help humans return their once modern city, now rundown and dangerous, to the healthy and peaceful metropolis it was designed to be, and even be a model for other futuristic cities around the world. But the Renewal program has went horribly wrong and someone, or something, is tracking the renewals down, one by one, for the Disconnection. Will Samuel and his friends survive to carry out their Intended purpose? And, who is the woman in the red dress?​​


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