The Howling, an underground goth literary/arts magazine, was first published by Shadow Archer Press in 1993 and was in production for 7 years with 15 issues distributed through Barnes and Noble, Books-A Million and other locations. Release date events were held for each issue at local bookstores, coffee bistros, restaurants, and festivals incorporating live bands, art shows, poetry readings, comic conventions, tattoo and piercing vendors.


The Howling was a bi-annual magazine that started publication in 1993. For six years, it focused on the literary and art perspective but also covered the music angle of the gothic scene. Featuring interviews, fiction, poetry, original comics, photography and art as well as reviews of magazines, books, CD's concerts, etc.

Readers were from a variety of subcultures interested in the gothic, horror, industrial, techno, ambient, darkwave music, dark literature, comics, horror films and gaming.

Released in 1993, the first issue of The Howling, was a local co-op effort of 32 pages. It was cut and paste, black and white and slated to be published only once. Due to persistent requests and demand, The Howling was continued, and expanded to up to 100 pages, many of them in color composed in Adobe Photoshop and our contributors have hailed from across the US and England.

One of the rewarding by-products of publishing the past fourteen issues of The Howling is that the magazine has served as a springboard for new and emerging talent. Many of our staff or regular contributors have gone on to publish their own magazines:

Donna Taylor, The Blue Lady.
Karl Sanders, Oasis Publish Comics.
Rick Brisco and Nat Jones, A Dark Hope publication in other magazines.
Andy Tapeworm, Art Director for Drawing Blood, contributor Hellion Design CD and book covers.

Other contributors have become full time artists: April Lee, Greyson Stoehr, and Andy Knerr.

The Howling was distributed all over the U.S., Canada and Australia, through local outlets as well as Barnes and Noble and Books A Million. Each time an issue was released, they staged a public event for both the staff, our readers and the gothic and subcultures underground. Parties were put-on at bookstores and coffee houses, costume balls, art shows, poetry readings, and concerts, featuring the likes of Static Division, John Ehlers of Heretech, Don Starnes with Cinema Blue and the Tribe Saif drummers.

The Howling was edited by Gail Gray and published by Shadow Archer Press.


Any and all issues of THE HOWLING for the Shadow Archer Press archive.  Even scans of the covers would be a big help.

The Howling Issue #1.  1993.  32 pages.
Shotgun Messiah
Shock Theatre
Thin Ice
Dog Killers
Art by Revonda Carson

The Howling Issue #2
Art by April Lee
Poppy Z. Brite
Sacred Reich

The Howling Issue #3
Art by Tapeworm
Art by Carol Starnes
Art by April Lee
Comics Crypt

The Howling Issue #4
Cover by Carol Starnes
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Art by Keith Winchester
Fiction by Michelle Blackerby
Fiction by Joel Smart
Anne Rice
VampireSk8te Punks from Hell

The Howling Issue #5
Art by Che Garland
Suzy Charness
Wicked Alliance
Poppy Z. Brite
VampireSk8te Punks from Hell
Nancy Collins
James O'Barr

The Howling Issue #6

Halloween Special
Cover art by Andy Tapeworm
The Crow
Tori Amos
Natural Born Killers
Michael Romkey
Southern Gothic photos

The Howling Issue #7
Fiction by Joel McCollough
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Poppy Z. Brite
Anne Rice
Vanmpire Sk8te Punks from Hell

The Howling Issue #8
Rosewater Elizabeth
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Fiction by Donna Taylor
Art by Charlie Schultz
Photography by David McLellan

The Howling Issue #9
Cover by Charlie Schultz
The Vampire Ball
Fiction by Michelle Blackerby
Anne Rice

The Howling Issue #9 1/2
Cover by Andy Tapeworm
The Cranes
Fiction by Marisa Sandlin
Cemetery Tours
Photography my Michelle Knerr
Fiction by Donna Taylor

The Howling Issue #10. Oct. 1995

Halloween Special
Cover by Joel Smart
Art by Charlie Schultz
Fiction by Rik Briscoe
Bondage by Mistress Tapeworm

The Howling Issue #11
Cover by Andy Tapeworm
Anne Rice
Art by Lamar Lucchesi
The Crow
From Dusk 'til Dawn
Scott Walker
The Jorgazombie

The Howling Issue #12
Cover by Sean Forrest
Gravity Kills
Graeham Revel
Fiction by Revonda Carson
Fiction by Marie Griffin

The Howling Issue #13
Cover by Michelle Knerr
Stabbing Westward
Poppy C. Brite
J.C.'s Vampires
Fiction by Wendy Swearingen

The Howling Issue #14

Caitlin Kiernan
Static Division
12th of Never
Rebekah Riley
Poppy Z, Brite
Neil Gaiman
The Misfits

The Howling Issue #15
Laguna Coil
The Magus