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Jeffrey "LONER" Gray

AT Class of 2012

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5.0 out of 5 stars I was in it, so of course I love it

Good book for anyone wanting to do research - Rash

5.0 out of 5 stars Livre en noir et blanc.
By Elo (France) on March 16, 2019
Le trail des Appalaches quelle aventure!!!
Le Who’s Who c’est un peu comme le CV de tous ceux qui ont mis les pieds sur ce sentier mythique. Dommage que la couleur ne soit pas au rdv.

5.0 out of 5 stars Informative great read!
By Randy Forrest on November 26, 2018
Great book and way to find info about thru hikers and thru hikes. Loner puts together a compilation of vloggers that you can find for yourself then follow their adventure. He adds insight into each person's journey. Great read, and great resource.

5.0 out of 5 stars (Bulldog Class of 2013)

By Robert Annis on May 31, 2018
Top effort fella .... a remarkable piece of literature. Well structured and compiled. The amount of work to put this all together should not go unnoticed and rewarded. We hope all your efforts are recognized by the AT community both past, present and the future. It's people like you who support the AT that make hiking the trail so special and memorable. Keep up the excellent support and work.

5.0 out of 5 stars The trail to amazing hiking connections!
By Joanna H. B. May 7, 2018
Very interesting information, all nicely compiled in an easy to follow format. Filled with great information for anyone hiking, wanting to hike, thru-hiking, interested in making their own gear, and so much more. It doesn’t matter where or what trail you aspire to journey on, this book can instantly lead you to loads of hiking experiences and hands-on knowledge.

    Jeffrey “Loner” Gray, although born in Lowell, Massachusetts, has made South Carolina his home for many years. Working as a flea market nomad most of his adult life has afforded him time to pursue other interests: Racing cars, kayaking, studying Native American artifacts, and producing hundreds of YouTube videos about diverse subjects.  Hiking the Appalachian Trail has been his biggest accomplishment and Painted Blazes, about his trail experiences, is his first book. After his mother passed away, he is continuing her independent publishing house, Shadow Archer Press, and hopes her name will live on by publishing books from a variety of authors.

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            120+ PROFILES! 150+HIKERS!     
   Are you one of the tens of thousands who watch A.T. videos for planning, education, or entertainment?  Do you eagerly await updates from your favorite hikers?  Or maybe you prefer to binge watch YouTube vlogs like your favorite shows on Netflix?  Either way, you’ll find plenty of adventures here to keep you busy for months!
Tuts, August Cervont, Cleanshave, Fatherman, Tarzan, Mancub & Kitfox, Eaglerunner, Napalm, Powder Puff, Team TNT... Appalachian Trail - Who’s Who on YouTube 1977 thru 2013 features profiles from AT video pioneers, ages 7 - 69, plus a hundred in between (2012 has 40+ entries alone!)!

   Want stats? We got ‘em! Start/finish dates, channel info, highlights, gear choices, trail name stories, social media links and more - compiled by Jeffrey “Loner” Gray, a 2012 YouTuber and author of the AT memoir, Painted Blazes.


Contributor: Chad Wesselman (AT Hiker Update and blog) Hiking with the Wesselmans.


       Forward: Joe "Apache" Brewer - triple                   crowner and blog Backcountry Banter.



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